UPDATE: Blood Ex Libris now available in PAPERBACK

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Exciting news! Blood Ex Libris is now available in ***paperback***
Blood Ex Libris dark urban fantasy vampire novel
If you don’t do e-book formats, and have been wanting to hold this novel in your hot little hands, go over to Amazon right now and find out what all the fuss has been about!

“I haven’t done this in years… stayed up all night reading a book, that is. While I do love a good read, I simply can’t keep my eyes open all night anymore. Except for this book. I could not put it down, could not stop reading, and also could not fall asleep.”

“I have to say, Blood Ex Libris is a real page turner! I usually pass out pretty early In the evening, but have been staying up late each night to read more about Noosh and her adventures, always reading a few chapters more than I set out to…It’s got all the elements: supernatural fantasy, horror, humor, action, and oh yes, it’s steamy!”

“This story is entirely original. I have read so many vampire stories and the way this one evolved was brand new. The characters are so lovable and the plot so twisty I am sure you’ll love it.”

“I didn’t know what to expect from this book, but it sounded fun and I liked the cover art. Three days later, I’m very happy I took the gamble, because I really enjoyed this book! The main characters have fantastic chemistry, and the smutty bits of their adventures are as sweet as they are kinky (yes, I flipped back to the naughty parts a few times)… The prose is lush and descriptive, and Noosh and Sandu’s world provided a welcome escape from reality, which you probably need as much as I do.”

Are you ready for the ride of your life?

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UPDATE: On World Book Day, my first novel went on sale!

Blood Ex Libris by Raven Belasco

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I’m so excited! And what an auspicious day to launch a writing career!

Here’s the first person version of the blurb:

Blood, sex and swords. And don’t forget flamethrowers. And one librarian, in over her head.

How did I get here: covered in blood and holding a sword I can’t use?

It all started when the dark and mysterious stranger showed up at my children’s reading hour. Of course I noticed him. I’d been single (and bored) for longer than I care to admit. Me, I’m Anushka (Noosh) Rosetti, head librarian.

He turned out to be a vampire. And not just any vampire: Vlad Dracula. Although he goes by another name these days, and he says he’s changed his violent ways. He definitely seemed more of a lover than a fighter. At first.

In a whirlwind of sex and blood-drinking, I made a crucial but impulsive decision: share blood with him a third time, and give up normal human society forever, making my life among the “am’r”—that’s what the vampires call themselves.

The whirlwind just keeps spinning faster. Before I know it, I’m at an am’r summit meeting—and then, abducted by Vlad’s oldest enemy. He’s hoping to use me to undo all of my lover and my new family’s plans to save am’r society from tearing itself apart.

I thought I was just going to archive some ancient books, but somehow I have to keep myself from being used as a pawn by the craziest bad guy ever, escape back to the good guys (and I’m not sure how “good” they really are) across a desert (I don’t even know what country I’m in!) and not be killed in the process. I don’t know how I will survive the next five minutes, never mind save my beloved’s life, too….

Blood Ex Libris is the first book in a brand new, dark urban fantasy series mixing horror, history, and blood-soaked romance featuring a snarky librarian heroine, a sensual but complex hero in the story of a life that unfolds in unexpected ways from humdrum to death-defying thrills, from Middle America to the middle of an unknown desert, surrounded by sword-fighting, explosions, and the ultimate drama of immortals meeting death.

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UPDATE: April 03 2020

Much excitement here! After me sticking my fingers probably too much in the pie and annoying everyone, the cover will soon be finished and I am so excited about the artist who is doing my cover — I can’t wait for the cover reveal!

The MS will all too soon be back from its final edit, and to say I’m nervous is to not tell a lie. I started this journey so long ago. This manuscript has been through so many versions and so many edits. But this is the one that counts — after this, words get printed onto paper, and it’s all REAL. So it’s a bit scary! What have I missed? What have I gotten wrong? Argggh!

I can only hope there will be enough fanatic readers of the series that they will catch my mistakes and keep me on my toes. I’ve been a fangirl, and will always be a fangirl. I’m counting on fangirl and fanboys, and if you all don’t show up, it will break my heart….

UPDATE: Blood Ex Libris Mar-14-20

Where is the book you’re dying to read? As of the 12th, it was delivered into the capable hands of Our Beloved Editor, at LMBPN Publishing. Wheeeeee!

As well, the site has finally gone live–albeit with all the little buggies to get worked out. And discussion are happening about the cover art, and all sorts of other exciting details (at least for the author!) about seeing her book actually in print, or on a Kindle! Check back for more updates soon!