Blood Ex Libris Blood Sine Qua Non

"These books are simply the most fun. Raven Belasco brings much to the table: a lively writing style, a fascinating take on the undead, a great deal of discreetly hidden scholarship, and a sheer joy in creativity which can sweep the reader along pell-mell. Come to these books for the hot sexytimes; stay for the sheer quality; linger for the quiet intelligence that underlies it all."
Chaz Brenchley, Fantasy and Crime Fiction Author

"A fast-paced, blood-soaked novel of passion, adventure, and vampire politics, as intimate as it is intense."
Thomas Roche, Stoker Award Finalist, Author of The Panama Laugh

"Blood Ex Libris delivers, with a richly detailed exploration of the inner struggles between powers within the vampire world […] Pick it up for the sexy, dangerous fun, devour it for the fast-moving storyline, and reflect on it for a long time to come for the genuine scholarship and creativity. I highly recommend Blood Ex Libris and I can't wait for the next volume in the story!"
Lars D. H. Hedbor, author of Tales From A Revolution series

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