I promised an extra newsletter with a SALE, and here I am delivering❣️

This year, February 14th is all about ?VILLAINS? and who best to celebrate the day with than our “Biggest Bad” so far in the series: KURGAN

shivers down spine

Kurgan steps onstage in Blood Ad Infinitum. You know it’s Book III in the series, but it can be read standalone and enjoyed even if you haven’t already dived into Blood Ex Libris and Blood Sine Qua Non

To celebrate, I’ve dropped the price for the SIGNED PAPERBACK to only $14.99 for this week only: GRAB IT NOW!

I’ve made three versions of our Kurgan “Villaintine,” but can’t decide which is my favorite! Please help me figure out which is best by choosing A, B, or C. Poll under the images…

Choice A

Choice B

Choice C … or is it “D”? ?

Please forward this newsletter to anyone who you think would enjoy this poll. It will make the outcome much more exciting, the more people who participate. I’ll announce the winner in the next newsletter ?

OK, happy Villaintine’s Day tomorrow. If you have someone you are celebrating with, have a wonderful time. If it’s a solo Feb 14th for you this year, Kurgan and the other am’r are ready and waiting to keep you warm ?

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