Bet you weren’t expecting to hear from me anytime soon ? But I have indeed turned over that new leaf that I keep saying I’ll turn over, so now you’re getting an extra wee newsletter a week early ?

First off, welcome new readers! As you can see from the previous paragraph, you arrive in exciting new times, in which this newsletter will actually be gotten out regularly. The Old Heads around here can tell harrowing tales of when whole months went by and I neglected their fabulous selves. But you whippersnappers won’t have to suffer as they did… ?

Secondly, I have some advice I need to ask of you. As the advertising campaign finally kicks into high gear, I need seven other authors I can compare myself to, or compare the Blood & Ancient Scrolls series to their works. It is preferred that they be popular authors now, so even though I feel like my work best compares to the AMAZING Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, it seems no one is reading her wonderful Saint-Germain series anymore—their loss, seriously, and if you like the history, sensual aspects of vampirism, and horror of my series, go dive into hers!

One of the books in the Saint-Germain series by Yarbro

But that really doesn’t help me with effective advertising. I have been compared to Anne Rice and Charlaine Harris in reviews. That’s two. But I need five more, and honestly, I don’t have time to read current vampire stuff. I barely have time to read any fiction, because most of my reading focus is on whatever part of history I am researching for the next story about the am’r. So lots of nonfiction in my life, these days, and very little fiction. I do it for you, my dear readers! ?‍♀️ (But I’m also not complaining. I’ve always wanted the excuse to do more deep dives in history.)

So would you please hit reply to this email, and suggest as many similar authors as you can think of? You’d help this author out immensely!

My name’s Raven Belasco, and I’m a dark fantasy writer. These newsletters are about my work and that #authorlife. Updates out bimonthly to subscribers. Feel free to send your friends to my Beehiiv, where they can read the most recent letters and subscribe.

If you don’t want these getting lost in the spam filter, please add to your email system’s address book or contacts.

Thirdly, I have some fun news. My Marketing Gal Friday has basically demanded that I write two short stories in the world of the am’r, for various promotional uses. I, wanting to get stuck into the next novel, whinged and moaned about this, although her explanation of why those stories were needed was unarguable. My final whinge was, “Well, those stories can’t be set in any place/time I have to do research for! I don’t have time to research these damn stories!” And she calmly pointed out to me that I’ve done a metric fuckton of research for the upcoming novel, so why not write up some stories about some of the am’r pirate minor characters that we all know I will sprinkle into the novel.

“Oh.” I said, utterly defeated. I immediately had one character in mind who is going to be a minor character but who deserves so much more…

So look out for news of short stories (I promise I will keep them short! No novellas! Real short stories!) coming up, basically as hors d’oeuvres to the next novel ???

Also, it’s very good to work with people who know how to manage you ?

Anyway, that’s all the news that’s fit to print, for now. I’ll be back with an update next week. Really!

This is a new ad. What do you think? Does it make you want to buy?

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