It’s so exciting that Blood Triad is now finally fully published. I know I’ve been selling copies at the Ghost Ship Market, but it’s not the same. If you have bought the book in person, pre-ordered it, or are just going to snag your copy now, please take a moment to leave a review (even a super short one is fine!) because Amazon partially rates my books on how many reviews are left, and this metric is absolutely vital to an independent author like me. The best place to leave reviews is the Amazon page (sadly) but also I would love if you have a moment and can repost your review over on The Storygraph

But let’s not pretend you didn’t open this for the Bloopers Reel ???? It was super hot yesterday, and it was melting my brain. (The reason I’m so “dewy” in the video!) So I took waaaaay more takes than usual to get a nice finished product (the Insta Reel/Tiktok.) I was in NO WAY a one-take-wonder ???? Which at least works out for you, because now you can laugh at me all the more… ????

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The most recent Ghost Ship Market was AMAZEBALLS! It was a horribly hot and muggy day, but inside ManRay it was cool and dark and filled with the most talented artists and makers. I keep feeling really honored to be part of this wonderfully curated little market. I will be doing ONE FINAL ONE for the summer, July 20th from 2-7PM. So if you live in driving distance and haven’t gotten to any of them yet, this is the one to hit!

Can you see how much I love doing these?

We are working with an amazing company who hand-make leather the traditional way, and they are making us these gorgeous leather bookmarks. I’ve been giving them away free to everyone who buys a book, and since I’m only doing this at events (so far) that’s another reason to stop by!

If you feel like you must have one, email me and I’ll start selling them online, too!

I’ve got too many things to do to get ready for the Audiobook Release of Blood Triad, so I’m gonna drop in your music rec and then rush off to try and get more things crossed off the to-do list…

Superwoman by OneDa (one of the key MC’s at the forefront of the drum ‘n’ bass renaissance) may well be my song of the summer ????

Be good or be good at it, my dears ????

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