Today is the day that I get to say that the AUDIOBOOK of Blood Ex Libris narrated by Amber Muthfuckin’ Benson is available for sale!

Here is the list of places you can get it right now:

Buy directly from me


There will be more options for buying it in the next newsletter, as Libro FM and Libby are taking their sweet time in putting up the listing. Buy yay, FINALLY this moment is here, and I can share it with you. It’s been a long time coming ????

If you want to buy the audiobook on some other platform, reply to this email and let me know, please.

REMINDER: If you signed up to get a copy of the free short story and you haven’t received it yet, please reply to this email and let me know so I can get you your copy!

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In case you missed it on Wednesday, I had an amazing conversation with Dr. Ligia Buzan about her friend Professor Radu Florescu, foremost Dracula scholar and author of In Search of Dracula. We discussed the vampire myth in Romania, how Americans asked Ligia to “bite them” and teach them “vampire language,” and about the real versus fictional Dracula. Vampire scholars, fans of the Blood & Ancient Scrolls series, and anyone interested in myth and history will enjoy this.



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I’m going to be selling the series IN PERSON this Saturday at ManRay, 40 Prospect St, Cambridge, MA 02139. I’m doing the Ghost Ship Market the first and third Saturdays of June and July, 2-7 PM. Mark your calendars, and please come in and say hi, buy a signed copy for yourself or a friend. I will also be selling the audiobooks on my snazzy new card reader! So get fancied up and come check out the Ghost Ship Market, and those of us who sail in her ????????????

The music rec today is some summer-perfect chill UK hiphop: Beat Delay by James G & Fusa 

I gotta rush and finish my vending set up, so remember: Be good, or be good at it! ????

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